Berlín/ Autorretrato con palomas 1990 (conjunto de 15 fotografías)

Tokyo/ Serie Pentax 1984 (conjunto de 70 fotografías)

Eulàlia Grau BIOGRAPHY

Eulàlia Grau (Terrassa, 1946), also known as Eulàlia, enrolled in a Fine Arts degree in Barcelona but she left it to start studying cinema in Sala Aixelà with teachers such as Pere Portabella and Alexandre Cirici, and in Eina school, where she met Albert Ràfols-Casamada and Josep Maria Carandell. In Milan, she collaborated with Olivetti’s design study. During the 1970s and part of the 1990s, she developed most of her work. In the middle of this decade, after living in Germany for a while, she moved to Japan and China and stayed there until the end of the 1990s. When back in Barcelona, she resumed her artistic activity. In 2013, MACBA museum presented an exhibition that focused on her most critical works. In her works, Eulàlia reuses photographs from media. She changes their context and makes them dialog to achieve very critical social messages. Apart from emulsified fabrics and serigraphs, she also produces photographs, posters, entries in magazines and books. In an effort to move away from common arts broadcasting media, and to access a wider public, she builds her work as an awkward testimony from the society in her times. Her work documents weaknesses, contradictions and viciousness of capitalism stated in the most evident abidance mechanisms, such as police, army or prison, as well as in other more subtle ones, such as family, school and media. Among the topics in which she is interested, one of the most important is gender review. She uses it to report the situation of abuse and inequality of women, and she questions the feminine stereotypes in both public and private scopes.

Barcelona/Circo Americano 1973 (conjunto de 45 fotografías)

Barcelona/Ramblas 1973 (conjunto de 45 fotografías)

Tokyo/Tokyo station hotel 1986 (conjunto de 35 fotografías)

Barcelona/Cuatro viviendas 1975 (conjunto de 8 imágenes editadas en 4 dípticos)

Barcelona/Cuatro viviendas 1975 (conjunto de 8 fotografías)

Berlín/Voyeur 1987 (conjunto de 25 fotografías)

China/ Carteles 1987 (conjunto de 30 fotografías)

Berlín/1989 (conjunto de 150 fotografías)

Barcelona/ Fuera de campo 1975 (conjunto de 9 fotografías)

L´Esquirol/ Jornades antirepressió, 1977 (conjunto de 35 fotografías) (La revista Ajoblanco recogió los encuentros de Barcelona en su publicación de septiembre, 1977)

Tokyo/Mendigos en el metro, 1984 (conjunto de 15 diapositivas)

Espectacular Espectacular en L´Esquirol, 1977 (conjunto de 9 fotografías)

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